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On every platform and in every form, gabe_lotto or gabelotto is there.Welcome to the social domain of Gabriel Bortolotto.


Who, what & why?

Hi! Hello! I am Gabriel Bortolotto, nice to meet you. I am a digital creator, self-proclaimed situational comedian, and tteokbokki lover 🍛.

what I do

creative thinking

From graphic design, social content creation, strategy, account management, and a few other roles, I've been able to work and influence with some of the largest businesses & players.

let's design emotional thought

ready to be difrnt ?
Let's find out.

what is

emotion design

Over the past 2 years, I've researched and implemented human design and world consumer thought trends into my work. With overwhelmingly positive results from only a few design and language changes, the difrnt tool for creatives is soon to come.

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See what I've been working on for the past 4 years.
(except for the secret stuff shhhhhh)

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difrnt is coming in beta very soon (tbh sooner than I thought).
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OMG one more

surprise section

Are you team difrnt yet? How about team dingus?
The dingus brand is coming, are you ready?