So hey, you made it. Well this is it, you're flying through the long fibre optics of the internet and have landed here. On my little pad of the internet you'll see everything that I've been working on and nothing that I am at the moment (those pesky NDA's 🤪).Welcome to my online home on a AWS server somewhere probably in Virginia.
Scroll it down, relax and explore.


Who, what & why?

Hi! Hello! I am Gabriel Bortolotto, nice to meet you. I am a digital creator, self-proclaimed situational comedian,
and tteokbokki lover and maker 🍛.

what I do

creative thinking

From graphic design, social content creation, strategy, account management, and a few other roles over the past few years, I've been able to work and influence with some of the largest brands in 🇨🇦.

let's design emotional thought

ready to be difrnt ?
Let's find out.

what is

emotional design

Over the past 2.5 years, I've researched and implemented human design and world consumer thought trends into my work. With overwhelmingly positive results from only a few design and language changes, the difrnt reasearch for creatives is soon to come.

Explore my

werk 😉

See what I've been working on for the past 4 years.
(except for the secret stuff 🤫)

STOP, don't leave until you

plug in

drink up

& look at some weird 💩

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OMG one more

🎉 surprise section 🤯

Are you team difrnt yet? How about team dingus?
The dingus brand is coming, are you ready for some weird-🍑 limited run clothing and bags?